Software-based dental compliance manual that will help you with consistency, accuracy, and staff training, while preparing you for an inspection by a regulator.

Equips you to be inspection ready

By documenting your processes, and having everything in one place, as regulations change, it is easier to identify which steps need to be modified. The comprehensive software-based compliance manual covers policies, procedures, IPAC processes, WHMIS, up-to-date safety data sheets (SDS), documents & forms.

Streamlined onboarding and training

All employee processes are documented and can be easily found and followed. Standard Operating Procedures outline the roles of hygienists, and dental assistants. Having all this information in one place allows for easier onboarding of new employees. The office manual includes a section on WHMIS that can assist with employee training.

Better employee engagement that leads to increased accuracy and job performance

The comprehensive software-based compliance manual is not a static document, which leads to continuous improvement, allowing for employee feedback to be considered and implemented as needed.

Ongoing updates to keep the compliance manual current

Should your procedures change, our consultants can update your online office manual as needed. Annual consultation with your office to help with updating policies, Safety Data Sheets, etc.

Our software-based dental compliance manual is easy to set up, easy to use, and makes it easier for your dental office to be compliant with RCDSO, OHSA, WHMIS, etc. In consultation with your office, we customize your office / process manual.

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Key Features

That will make your dental office run more efficiently



Accessible from a computer or tablet using a web browser.


Everything in the compliance manual is searchable.

Process centric

Process centric

Key processes, such as IPAC, are clearly documented and easy to understand.

Easy to use

Easy to use

The manual is intuitively organized and easy to use.

Learning platform

Set up to facilitate learning and streamlined on-boarding.


With scheduled reviews, we help your dental practice stay up-to-date with regulations and requirements.

Content Highlights


Complexity, Simplified

Harmony Compliance is a division of Sophia Group Limited. Sophia Group has been involved in automation, business process management, data management, and IT for over a decade. The company developed a compliance practice, to assist many clients with getting their documentation in order, and help them prepare for a potential visit from a regulator. The foundational software used to make the dental practice manual is used in healthcare settings and many hospitals to manage processes & standard operating procedures in order to achieve regulatory compliance and certifications.

Like many dentists, Dr. Sara Hansen needed to assemble all relevant regulatory requirements in one place. The next challenge was to try and keep everything up to date, and easy to use for her staff.  Dr. Hansen and Sophia Group brought together all the components that were needed into one easily accessible web-based dental compliance manual.